Water Names


The name Wrigley is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Clearing By The River Bend. English habitational surname used for families from the Northern English town of Wrigley Head near Salford, Lancashire, UK Wrigley Field, is the home of Major League baseball team, The Chicago Cubs. It …

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The name Visolela is primarily a female name of African – Ovimbundu of Angola origin that means Longing Are Waterfalls…. From a proverb: “Ovisolela violomupa; vi pungula viopongala.” Long form means “Longing are Waterfals; those you pick over are of the drying trays,” referring to one who can use good …

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The name Vaiana is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means Rock/Water/Cave. A Polynesian/Tahitian name meaning “water cave” or “rock water.” From the phrase “Vai ana o te mato teitei” meaning “Water from the cave of the high rock.” Disney’s Moana was renamed to Vaiana in Europe due …

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