The name Claire is primarily a female name of French origin that means Illustrious, Enlightened.

An alternate spelling of Claire is Clare. Clarey is a common nickname for the name Claire.

Famous Claires include actresses Claire Danes and Claire Forlani. Claire Martin is a jazz singer and Claire Hodgkins is a violinist. Claire McCaskill is a Missouri senator. Claire Rutter is an English opera singer. There is also a Belgian princess named Claire.

Fictional Claires include Claire Beachampp Randall Fraser from the television show Outlander, Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, and Claire Underwood, from the Netflix series, House of Cards.

Claire de Lune is a musical piece by Claude Debussy.

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What is the meaning of the name Claire?

The meaning of the name Claire is Illustrious, Enlightened.

What is the gender of the name Claire?

The gender of the name Claire is female.

What is the origin of the name Claire?

Origin of the name Claire is French.

Is Claire a neatural(unisex) name?

No. Claire is not a neatural(unisex) name. Claire is a Female name.

Is Claire a popular name?

Yes, Claire is a popular name!

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