The name Alexander is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Defender Of The People.

There are many alternate spellings of Alexander depending
on the country in which you live. Some of these alternate spellings include Alejandro, Alessandro, and Alexzander. Nicknames for Alexander include Alex, Xander, and Sasha.

Famous people with the name Alexander include statesman and U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton and inventor Alexander Graham Bell. There are many men of royalty named Alexander, from ancient Greece to the 21st Century, including Alexander the Great. There were also 8 popes named Alexander.

Actors named Alexander include Alexander Skarsgaard (True Blood) and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock/Saturday Night Live). Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer. Alex Rodriguez is a philanthropist and was a New York Yankee baseball player.

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What is the meaning of the name Alexander?

The meaning of the name Alexander is Defender Of The People.

What is the gender of the name Alexander?

The gender of the name Alexander is male.

What is the origin of the name Alexander?

Origin of the name Alexander is Greek.

Is Alexander a neatural(unisex) name?

No. Alexander is not a neatural(unisex) name. Alexander is a Male name.

Is Alexander a popular name?

Yes, Alexander is a popular name!

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